Cardinals QB Carson Palmer visited Los Angeles-based orthopedic surgeon Dr. Robert Watkins for additional information regarding the nerve issue in his shoulder. He's suffering from "axillary nerve contusion" a numbness over part of the outer shoulder, shoulder weakness, especially when lifting the arm up and away from the body. He’ll should be able to continue his current rehab with the team. The injury happened in week one against the Chargers, it was a running play where he wasn't able to get down before taking a hit on his right shoulder. 

Bruce Arians mentioned on Wednesday that Palmer could be doubtful for Thursday practice but its possible he still could be the back up QB this weekend. A lot will depend on his condition Thursday through Sunday. 

Axillary Nerve Contusion treatment: Depending on the cause of the nerve disorder, some people do not need treatment. They get better on their own. The rate of recovery can be different for everyone. It could take months to recover. (25 days since the injury) 

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