The MLB Trade Deadline is on Monday so to preview that we took a look back at the best and most memorable trade deadline deals across all four sports.

1. Hershel Walker mega-trade to Minnesota in 1989 (Bauer)

2. Randy Johnson traded to Houston in 1998  (Bo)

3. Manny Ramirez traded to LA from BOS in 2008(Richie)

4. Nomar Garciaparra traded to LA for Orlando Cabrera and Doug Mientkiewicz in 2004 (Bauer)

5. Curt Schilling traded to Dbacks in 2000  (Bo)

6. Kevin Johnson traded to Suns in  1988 (Richie)

7. Rasheed Wallace to Pistons in 2004 (Bauer)

8. Pau Gasol traded to Lakers for brother Marc in 2008 (Bo)

9. Carlos Beltran traded to Houston in 2004 (Richie)

Previous Drafts

Tomorrow Ken Griffey Jr. and Mike Piazza will be inducted into the Baseball Hall of, today's #RandomDraft is: Best sports athletes NOT in their respective Halls of Fame.

1 Tim Raines (@BoBrack)
2 Barry Bonds (@MikeJackBauer)
3 Pete Rose (@NickPope19)
4 Kurt Warner (Bo) 
5 Roger Clemens (Bauer) 
6 Mark McGwire (Nick) 
7 “Shoeless” Joe Jackson (Bo) 
8 Terrell Owens (Bauer) 
9 Sammy Sosa (Nick)


On the 75th anniversary of Joe DiMaggio hitting in his 56th consecutive game we picked our most unbreakable records. 

1. Johnny VanderMeer- Two consecutive No-hitters (Bauer)

2. Cal Ripken Jr-  2632 games played (Bo)

3. Cy Young- 511 career wins (Richie)

4. Nolan Ryan- 5714 Strikeouts (Bauer)

5. DiMaggio 56 game hit streak (Bo)

6. Gretzky's 2857 career points (Richie)

7. Boston Celtics 8 consecutive NBA titles, 1959-1966 (Bauer)

8. Jack Nicklaus- 18 career major titles (Bo)

9. Emmit Smith 18355 career rushing yards (Richie)

This weeks #Randomdraft is in honor of Chris Berman calling his final home run derby on Monday.


1. Chris Berman (Bo)

2. John Sterling (Bauer)

3. Boom goes the dynamite kid (Richie)

4. Hawk Harrelson (Bo)

5. Jim Gray (Bauer)

6. Susan Waldman (Richie)

7.  Ron Wolfley (Bo)

8. Joe Morgan (Bauer)

9. Jack Edwards (Richie)


It's fourth of July weekend so to celebrate our independence we selected our most american things,

1. Football (Bauer)

2. Declaration of Indepence (Bo)

3. George Washington (Richie)

4. Landing on the Moon (Bauer)

5. Star Spangled Banner (Bo)

6. Baseball (Richie)

7.  Stealing other people's ideas and making them better (Bauer)

8. Bald Eagle (Bo)

9. The First Ammendment (Richie)


Best first round pick in AZ sports history

The Suns and Coyotes welcomed four new players to town with their first round picks on Thursday and Friday so we drafted the best first round picks in the history of Phoenix sports.

1. Larry Fitzgerald (3rd Overall,2004)-Bauer

2. Steve Nash (15th Overall,1996)-Bo

3. Max Scherzer (11th Overall,2011)-Richie

4. Amare Stoudemire (9th,2002)-Bauer

5. Shawn Marion (9th Overall,1999)-Bo

6. Dan Majerle (14th Overall,1998)-Richie

7. Oliver Ekman-Larsson (6th Overall,2006)-Bauer

8. Simeon Rice (3rd Overall,1996)-Bo

9. Patrick Peterson (5th Overall,2011)-Richie

After the draft Bo Brack signed Shane Doan as an undrafted free agent, the 7th overall pick of the Winnipeg Jets in 1995

The day before Father's Day...

Best Fathers ever:
1. God (Bo's pick)

2. Bryan Mills (Father from "Taken" - Bauer's pick)

3. Uncle Phil (Fresh Prince of Bel Air - Richie's pick)

4. Archie Manning (Bo)

5. Dr. Cliff Huxtable (NOT Bill Cosby! - Bauer)

6. Homer Simpson (Richie)

7. Randy Marsh (Bo)

8. Horton (Horton Hatches The Egg, Bauer)

9. Tim Taylor (Home Improvement - Richie)


This Week Vin Scully and Chris Berman were both in the news, Vin for declining to call the MLB All-Star Game and Berman for announcing his departure from ESPN after the 2016 football season.

Because of that we drafted the best sports broadcasters of all-time and with Bo Brack on vacation Rich Gray sat in with Bauer and selected second overall. 

Best Broadcasters

1- Vin Scully (Bauer)

2. Al Michaels (Rich Gray)

3. Doc Emrick (Richie)

4- John Madden (Bauer)

5. Mike Tirico (Rich Gray)

6. Bob Costas (Richie)

7- Dan Patrick (Bauer)

8. Dave Pasch (Rich Gray)

9. Al Mccoy (Richie)

Fastest Athlete

1. Usain Bolt (Bo)

2 William "The Refrigerator" Perry (Bauer "autodraft")

3 Willie Mays (Richie)

4. Chris Johnson (Bo)

5. Bartolo Colon (Bauer)

6. Michael Johnson (Richie)

7. Ricky Henderson (Bo)

8. Jacksonville Jaguars Defense (Bauer)

9. Carl Lewis (Richie)

Best late round draft picks:

1. Tom Brady (2000, 6th - Bo)
2. Mike Piazza (1988, 62nd - Bauer)
3. John Smoltz (1985, 22nd - Blake)
4. Terrell Davis (1995, 6th - Bo)
5. Brett Hull (1984, 6th - Bauer)
6. Antonio Brown (2010, 6th - Blake)
7. Shannon Sharpe (1990, 7th - Bo)
8. Manu Ginóbili (1999, 2nd - Bauer)
9. Dennis Rodman (1986, 2nd - Blake)
10. Pat Tillman (1998, 7th)

 Best top number one overall picks in any sport (4.23):

1 John Elway (1983) (Bauer)
2 Lew Alcindor (1969) (Bo)
3 Bo Jackson (1986) (Richie)
4 Magic Johnson (1979) (Bauer)
5 LeBron James (2003) (Bo)
6 Ken Griffey Jr. (1987) (Richie)
7 Tim Duncan (1997)  (Bauer)
8 Peyton Manning (1998) (Bo)
9 Mario Lemieux (1984) (Richie)

Bands we want to see live. All-time, living or dead (4.16):
1. Jimi Hendrix (Bo's pick)
2. Creed (Bauer's "autopick")
3. Queen (Richie's pick)
4. The Doors (Bo's pick)
5. Ravens Kicker Justin Tucker (Bauer's autopick)
6. The Beatles (Richie's pick)
7. Bruce Springsteen (Bo's pick)
8. Abba (Bauer's autopick)
9. The Who (Richie's pick)
10. Led Zeppelin (Listener call/tweet at @foxsports910)



Best walk-offs/buzzer-beaters of all time:
1. Luis Gonzalez 2001 World Series (Bo's pick)
2. Kirk Gibson's 1988 walk-off (Bauer's pick)
3. Bobby Thompson's shot heard 'round the worls(Richie's pick)
4. Christian Laettner (Bo)
5. Jordan's "The Shot" (Bauer)
6. Bobby Orr 1970 Stanley Cup (Richie)
7. Kris Jenkins 2016 NCAA Championship (Bo)
8. Roger 'Verbal' Kint → Keyser Söze (Bauer)
9. Carlton Fisk 1975 World Series (Richie)
10. Joe Carter (Listener call/tweet at @foxsports910)


In honor of comedic genius Garry Shandling passing away
Best stand-up comedians of all time:
1- George Carlin (Bauer pick)
2- Richard Pryor (Bo pick)
3- Eddie Murphy (Richie's pick)
4- Steve Martin (Bauer)
5- Robin Williams (Bo)
6- Dave Chappelle (Richie)
7- Jerry Seinfeld (Bauer)
8- Chris Rock (Bo)
9- Mitch Hedberg (Richie)
10- Frankie Boyle (caller Jeff)

In honor of UFC 196: McGregor v. Diaz and Holm v. Tate...
Who would win in a no-holds-barred fight in the octagon?
1. Muhammad Ali (Bo's pick)
2. Jason Bourne (Bauer's pick)
3. Bruce Lee (Richie's pick)
4. An American Black Bear (Bo)
5. King Leonidas (Bauer)
6. "The Bride" (Richie)
7. Kurt Sloane (Bo)
8. Chuck Norris (Bauer)
9. Rocky Balboa (Richie)
10. John McClane (Twitter vote)

Must-have items at a Super Bowl Party
1. Beer (automatic #1)
2. Wings (Bo's pick)
3. Pizza (Bauer's pick)
4. Burgers (Richie's pick)
5. Meatballs (Bo)
6. Hot Dogs (Bauer)
7. Ribs (Richie)
8. Dip (Bo)
9. Nachos (Bauer)
10. Pigs in a blanket (Richie)