The NFL Playoffs start this Saturday, and that serves as inspiration for this week's #Top5Thurs list:

#Top5Thurs: Best postseason performances

FYI - #Top5Thurs always encompasses moments you remember from your own lifetime.

5- 2013 Colin Kaepernick vs. Packers
4- 2012-13 Joe Flacco's Postseason
3- Terrell Owens in Super Bowl XXXIX
2- 2008-09 Larry Fitzgerald's Postseason
1- 1997-98 Terrell Davis Postseason

5- 2001-02 Adam Vinatieri postseason
4- 2010 Kurt Warner vs. Packers
3- 2008-09 Larry Fitzgerald's Postseason
2- Steve Young in Super Bowl XXIX
1- 1985/86 Chicago Bears defense

Those are our lists...what's yours?