This Instagram Model Looks Half Her Age

While it's easy to look a lot older than you actually are, looking younger than your age is no easy task, but one nearly 42-year-old Instagram model is blowing people away because she looks 21. 

Her name is Lure Hsu and she is an interior designer from Taiwan, but she's become an Internet celebrity because she has clearly discovered the fountain of youth.

Fame runs in her family - Lure's sister is an actress and in 2015, she brought Lure to an event, where no one could get over how young Lure looked. 

So what is her secret to looking so young? In an interview, Lure revealed it's not anything crazy - some moisturizer, limiting exposure to the sun, and a diet full of fruits and veggies, not much sugar and greasy food, lots of water and a daily cup of black coffee. 

Gonna have to stock up on moisturizer and start drinking our coffee black. 

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