Model Who Put On 35 Pounds Has Her Life Change

There is an unbelievable amount of pressure put on models, and while there are some women who enjoy the work, there are also many who are much happier not having to deal with all that stress, and Maggie Greeneis one of them. 

As a teen, Maggie wanted to be a supermodel, so she started dieting to get herself a contract. Even though she lost a lot of weight, she was still told she'd need to lose even more to get work. 

She put up with the lifestyle for a while, but has since stopped and posted how different she looks since changing her ways. 

In her post, Maggie explained:

"The picture on the left was taken two years ago this month, and the picture on the right was taken a few weeks ago. You can see obvious physical differences, but what you can’t see is the mental differences. Two years ago, I was seriously unhappy. I would look in the mirror and think I looked fat. I wouldn’t go out to eat with my friends or family and I’d sit at home and cry because I felt like I couldn’t eat anything. It was the lowest point for me, but I wanted to be a model so bad. I wanted to be glamorized for being so thin even though I was miserable. In the picture on the right, I have gained around 30-35 pounds (I don’t exactly how much. I don’t weigh myself anymore.) AND I am a much happier human being mentally. Just wanted to share because the girl on the right looks in the mirror and thinks she looks thin! Healthy looks different on everyone & it’s important to embrace your own shape and size. You’ll be much happier!"

The best thing is, when Maggie went back to her natural size, she got called by an agency who wanted her to be a model with them looking as she normally does. She continues to do the job she dreamed of doing but without having to starve herself or feel bad when she looks in the mirror. 

She wants everyone to hear her message that, "It’s not about gaining or losing weight; it’s about being free from deluded body image expectations, because we are all beautiful. Regardless of what people say, you can have your cake and eat it too. Seriously."

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