Italian Fashion Show Features Three-Breasted Models

Most fashion shows rely on making headlines based on what the models are wearing, but during Milan's Fashion Week, Italian streetwear line GCDS made the news because of what was on the models... and we don't mean their clothing. For the company's runway show, they used women with three breasts.  

Some of the models showed off GCDS attire while also wearing a prosthetic three-breasted chest piece. It was all part of the show's futuristic theme and clearly they borrowed from a very memorable scene in the 1990 futuristic Arnold Schwarzenegger film Total Recall

As for the styles in the show, there were some neon crop-tops, mini skirts, and plenty of vinyl.

Total Recall wasn't the only reference. There was also a nod to the classic futuristic novel 1984 since the GCDS models walked out in front of a lighted sign that read "GCDS Corp is your only God." 

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Photo Credit: Getty 

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