Teen Traumatized After Watching Old Videotape She Found In Parent's Room

When a teen is left alone in their house, there are many things that they can do that they wouldn't be able to if someone was at home, but there are some things they should definitely avoid. In a story on MamaMia.com, one woman shared the nightmarish thing that she got into when she was home alone at age 15 in the 90s and wound up seeing footage of her parents having sex.  

The anonymous author explained that she just wasn't in the mood to go to school so she pretended to be sick and even though her parents suspected she wasn't, they let her stay at home. All alone, she ate a bunch of Nutella and then she figured she'd go snooping. 

Under her brother's bed, she found some porno magazines and a little bit of money, which she pocketed, but then ventured into her parents' room. There, she found her dad's secret cigarette stash, her mom's vibrator and stashed away, a curious stack of VHS tapes. 

She suspected it might be some exciting porn for her to get to watch and she was right... kind of. It started with a shot of a couch that looked similar to one her family owned, but that wasn't enough to keep her from tuning in. She then saw a naked woman on the couch and a man's butt as he walked from the camera to the sofa. 

The lighting wasn't great, but she watched as the pair got it on, noting that it was "the least sensual porn" she'd ever seen, though she admitted she didn't have much to compare it to. She watched for ten minutes and then decided to fast forward. When she did, she was disgusted. Towards the end, as the man walked to the camera in all his glory, she realized she knew him... it was her dad. And the woman, that was her mom. 

She wrote, "I have never run so fast to the VHS player to hit stop. But it took forever, my legs were jelly, the VHS player was so far away. I was screaming NOOOOOOOOOOOO but it came out all low pitched and slow."

She hit the stop button but the damage was done. She smoked one of her dad's cigarettes and got in bed, this time truly sick. 

For the next many weeks, she struggled to make eye contact with her parents and it was extremely awkward, but she said her brain did "something wonderful" and blocked the memory. However, it recently came back to her and she is using the opportunity to share a valuable message:

"If you find a random sex video with a couch that looks just like your couch in it, in a lounge room that looks just like your lounge room, then it's highly likely that it isyour couch and your lounge room and you better get ready cos you're about to see something heavy."Photo: Getty Images