Happy Birthday, Doja: All The Times Doja Cat Made Us LOL

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Doja Cat has managed to transform herself from a viral star to a worldwide phenom in just a short amount of time. Fans have watched the "Kiss Me More" singer grow from posting peculiar videos in her bedroom to hosting award shows (like the 2021 MTV VMAs) and being featured in Pepsi commercials.

One Twitter user shared a sweet message for the rapper's birthday, writing:

"Doja cat’s star power is unmatched i genuinely feel so privileged that as a fan i’ve been able to watch her put in the work and grow since her 2012 soundcloud days."

Not only is Doja a hit with music lovers, her music industry peers never miss a moment to celebrate her success. Lil Nas X recently took to Twitter to give Doja her flowers, honoring her for the hard work and dedication she devotes to her craft, calling Cat his "biggest inspiration." X tweeted:

"Doja cat has become my biggest inspiration. she puts so much effort into everything she does. and she’s hot."

Aside from being a dope artist who constantly cranks out chart-topping hits, what fans have come to love most about Doja is her unorthodox sense of humor. According to the star herself, she has the same sense of humor as Ariana Grande.

Thanks to her 13.6 million TikTok viewers, and nearly 20 million Instagram and Twitter followers combined, it's almost impossible to miss out on all the hilarious Doja content making it's rounds on social media. One follower sang the "Juicy" rapper's praises with a celebratory tweet, writing:

"Doja Cat is such a talented person... like she's giving us good music, looks, social media activity AND humour??? We don't deserve her i fear."

In honor of Doja Cat's 26th birthday, let's take a look at some moments from the star that made us all LOL.

Doja Cat explaining what "schnack" means

Doja defending Megan Thee Stallion

Doja going off on a stranger named Paul over not knowing lyrics:

Doja playing GTA on Twitch

Doja Talking Lana Del Rey, While On Twitch

Doja Cow

Doja on Wild N' Out

Doja Cat Freestyling in The Cave

Doja Cat plays Marry, Smash, Kill

Doja On TikTok

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