This Is Arizona's Most 'Dangerous' Stretch of I-10 For Crashes

Foto: Getty Images

Motor vehicle traffic crashes took the lives of 38,680 people in 2020, according to the U.S. Department of Transportation's National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. A three-mile stretch of I-10 has been named the most dangerous in the state for car crashes.

12 News reported that the stretch is near downtown "mini-stack" where the I-10 intersects with SR-51 and Loop 202. That stretch saw more than 1,700 crashes in 2021.

The Arizona Department of Transportation wrote in an email to 12 News:

"I-10 in the area of the SR 51/Loop 202 "Mini-Stack" interchange is among the busiest stretches of Valley freeways. Traffic volume and merging heighten opportunities for drivers to be involved in crashes."

Rem Pendyala, an ASU professor specializing in transportation engineering, said, "There's lots of merging, diverging, a lot of weaving sections where people are weaving in and out of traffic. These types of stacks and interchanges just tend to be a very efficient way to make traffic flow. But indeed, there may be a tradeoff when it comes to safety."

Experts agree that unless something is done to fix the stretch of interstate, it will be the most dangerous area for years to come.

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