Here Are 5 Weird Arizona Town Names You Probably Can't Pronounce

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Arizona is the home of many towns with unique names.

Seemingly everyone knows the names of popular cities like Phoenix, Tucson, and Flagstaff. There are definitely some smaller places, however, that have names that are a bit unbelievable, according to Phoenix New Times.

Here are five Arizona town names you probably can't pronounce correctly:


Some think this town name should rhyme with Dallas. Others think it sounds like no-GALL-ace. Which do you think is correct?

San Xavier

You may think Xavier is pronounced like the boy name, like Ex-zavier or Za-vier. However, it's actually pronounced San Javier (Ha-vier).

Tohono O'odham

There are so many different pronunciations of this town from locals- taw-haw-naw aw-aw-dhamtaw-haw-naw aw-aw-thamtoe-HOE-noe aw-aw-TAHM, and toe-HO-no AH-tomb. Which do you say?


According to the U.S. Forest Service, it's pronounced Mah-zaht-zahl.


This may seem pretty straight forward, but there are actually many different pronunciations. Some say PRESS-cott, while others say PRESS-kit. According to city officials, the official pronunciation is PRESS-kit.

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