Dave Gettleman is making Steve Keim look good

New York Giants v Indianapolis Colts

Steve Keim is the most hated general manager in Phoenix right now, but he comes out looking good after New York Giants general manager Dave Gettleman's latest comments.

Here's my haiku about Gettleman:

He's a loud, puff-my-chest-out, jock-like character in a world that increasingly rewards brains over braun.

He drafted an Eli Manning lookalike in a league where stationary quarterbacks are outdated.

He hired a Belichick disciple as head coach, in a league where no Belichick disciple has a shining track record of success.

Gettleman's new coach, by the way, described "what he's about" as "old school."

Everything about Dave Gettleman's approach is old. And as his latest remarks dominate sports media for the rest of this week, I can't help but think, he's making Steve Keim look pretty good.

Alright, I'll bite. Here's my haiku about Steve Keim:

He screwed up on Rosen and Wilks, but he had the stones to correct his mistake, where most GMs would assign blame and play office politics for job security and ego protection.

He drafted a modern, mobile quarterback, in a league that protects quarterbacks more than it ever has.

He hired Kliff Kingsbury, who showed a willingness to adapt, and is in tune with cutting edge NFL concepts. Steve

Pittsburgh Steelers v Arizona Cardinals

Perspective can go a long way. The Cardinals have stability in their front office, a staple of winning organizations, a GM that's willing to admit his mistakes rather than search for excuses, a staple of successful people, and a modern coach-quarterback combination. Gettleman provided some perspective.

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