Patrick Mahomes is unreal

Super Bowl LIV - San Francisco 49ers v Kansas City Chiefs

This didn't feel like a team win. It didn't even feel like an NFL win. This felt like Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant or LeBron James taking over in the 4th quarter. There was a Mahomes momentum that couldn't be stopped, just like there was three weeks ago against the Texans, and two weeks ago against the Titans.

Patrick Mahomes feels like a different breed. He's 6' 3 with the biggest arm in the NFL. He's deadly accurate, from the pocket or on the run. He's super mature, having grown up in locker rooms, because his dad, Pat Sr., played professional baseball. There's an eerie feeling as he begins a comeback, reminiscent to the one Tom Brady used to create.

Tonight, with Nick Bosa in his face all game, after two bad interceptions, against the best roster in the NFC, Patrick Mahomes was again too much to hold back. Yet, he's a totally unconventional. He plays out of rhythm in the most efficient way possible. He completes no-look passes. His arm angles are from the school of Derek Jeter. That much flare isn't supposed to work in the NFL. This is supposed to be the league that rewards stability, system, turnover differential and line play. The 49ers had all of that. The Chiefs had the dude who puts ketchup on steak. He won.

Good for Andy Reid. He's now in the Hall of Fame. It shouldn't have taken the Super Bowl seal of approval to solidify his greatness, but this is America. We like awards, titles, signs of authority. Reid now has the NFL's most important one. Good for the city of Kansas City, who waited 50 years for this. Good for the NFL, the league that doesn't even need a Michael Jordan figure, but now has one.

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