Phoenix media outlets are crazy if they don't follow this Kingsbury story

Arizona Cardinals v Seattle Seahawks

Just as we enter one of the least interesting times in sports, the gods have granted us with the story we didn't even know we needed. Kliff Kingsbury may or may not have a new love interest.

We went full throttle on this story during my show today, because why wouldn't we? It's got everything that the National Enquirer looks for in a story. Great looks, celebrity love interests, and revenge.

I mean, to not cover this story is unthinkable. This is the time of year that a large part of the sports-watching world turns their attention to The Bachelor. Well, Cardinals fans and non Cardinals fans alike, here's your local Pete Weber. Except I'd argue Kingsbury has more going for him. He's universally viewed as the most attractive NFL head coach and he's got a track record of high profile partners. Just before he got the Cardinals gig, he was thought to be dating Fox Sports host and reporter Holly Sonders.

Interestingly, Holly rebounded quickly from Kingsbury, choosing instead to get engaged with "Vegas Dave" in December.

I will let you make your own judgements about that relationship, and whether Kliff or Holly came out on top (it's Kliff). I'd imagine most will chose to cover mock drafts and what-ifs for the next couple of weeks, as the Suns venture into the All-Star break and pitchers and catchers report for the Diamondbacks. In the meantime, I will put on my hardhat, grab my shovel and pail and go to work, for the people.

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