The Cardinals should not take CeeDee Lamb with their 1st-round pick

South Dakota v Oklahoma

Jeremy Cluff at the Arizona Republic put a piece together connecting some dots today, and it sounds like Cardinals brass is thinking about drafting former Oklahoma wide receiver CeeDee Lamb with the 8th pick in this year's draft. In his piece, Cluff pointed out that over the past two weeks, Kyler Murray has said publicly he'd be very fond of a Lamb selection, and Steve Keim hinted that Murray has been texting him about it. Keim also admitted Murray's familiarity with Lamb is something he values in the draft.

Here we go.

I love CeeDee Lamb the player, but this reminds me of the couple with money issues taking a trip to Disneyland with their brand new tax return. Steve Keim, I will be your Dave Ramsey.

Baby Step 1: Kyler Murray is a small quarterback who was sacked a league-high 48 times last year.

Baby Step 2: Kliff Kingsbury's entire value is making offensive chicken salad out of chicken shit.

Baby Step 3: This year's draft is considered historically deep at wide receiver.

Does any part of that tell us that CeeDee Lamb is a good idea with the 8th pick? Of course not.

This CeeDee Lamb flirtation feels way too much like a newly exonerated general manager giving gratuitous draft-day say to his sophomore quarterback. What the hell? And you know what, blame me. I've been enabling this man for weeks, touting the size of his testicles all because he had the stones to drop Josh Rosen for Kyler Murray. You give a man an inch...

This year's 1st-round pick can only be about two things. Offensive line, or cornerback. Jeff Okudah, out of Ohio State, is the undisputed No. 1 cornerback in this class, and he could be the perfect (cheap) replacement for Patrick Peterson when his contract runs out after next season. There's a variety of offensive lineman available, but my favorite is Tristan Wirfs, an offensive tackle who set weight lifting records at Iowa. Right tackle is a huge question mark right now, and Wirfs could be the answer opposite of D.J. Humphries.

You know what CeeDee Lamb does? He provides a short burst of excitement, he makes life easy on the Cardinals social media team with circus catches, and he appeases fans for the short term. He's porn. He's 5-hour Energy. He's fast food.

Eat your veggies Steve Keim.

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