This report about Tom Brady and the 49ers looks good for Cardinals fans

Super Bowl LIV - San Francisco 49ers v Kansas City Chiefs

Tom E Curran is perhaps the most respected Patriots voice in New England, so you'll want to listen closely to what he said today about Tom Brady and Jimmy Garoppolo.

So, if Curran is correct, either the 49ers are going to wind up cutting ties with Garoppolo in favor of Tom Brady, or they've at least thought about it. For Cardinals fans, that's good news.

If the 49ers do choose Tom Brady over Jimmy G it means that they've gone all in on the next two years, meaning Cardinals fans don't have to worry about a 28-year old Garoppolo improving under the tutelage of Kyle Shanahan for the next decade. I'm not sure Tom Brady scares anybody that much more than Jimmy Garoppolo does. Brady's going to be 43 in August and he's clearly less sharp than he was just a few season ago.

If the 49ers can't convince Tom Brady to come, and Curran's correct with his information, it's a clear sign that Kyle Shanahan doesn't believe in Jimmy Garoppolo. Would Andy Reid think for a second about dropping Patrick Mahomes for a 43-year old Tom Brady? Bill O'Brien with Deshaun Watson? John Harbaugh with Lamar Jackson? Jimmy Garoppolo is now in a group with Ryan Tannehill, Jacoby Brissett, Jameis Winston and Derek Carr, of quarterbacks whose teams have decided a 43-year old Brady is more important. Yikes. And if you don't trust Kyle Shanahan's evaluation, after coaching Matt Ryan to an MVP and leading the 49ers to the Super Bowl, whose evaluation can you trust?

Whichever way this goes, this story is positive for Cardinals fans.

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