Arizona Cardinals Flight Plan: Episode 1 Reaction

Ok, so this episode was very fan-porn, propaganda-feeling, and there was no real insight into the power structure of the Cardinals or how Kliff works behind closed doors. Of course not, it's a team-produced project. But that doesn't mean there weren't tell-tale intricacies throughout. Here are 4 things I learned in Arizona Cardinals Flight Plan Season 3: Episode 1

Kyler Murray is more braggadocios than his press conferences let on. Watching Murray for just a few moments in his natural environment displays a side of him we haven't seen so far. Just watch him shit all over Baker Mayfield above. He's cocky, like you'd expect from a quarterback who's dominated at every level he's played. He seems cool. He's not stiff. Man, did he come off as stiff and personality-less during the season. But Kyler said he wanted to keep quiet until he'd proven himself on the field, which is what I imagine Kliff Kingsbury had in mind for himself, too. Maybe we'll get more personality next year, but with the way PR departments operate, I doubt it. Plus, why would Murray open up to a bunch of middle-aged, sunscreen-soaked bald guys shoving microphones in his face every day anyway. They're anti-cool.

As most of us suspected, Kliff Kingsbury is heavily involved with Kyler Murray. The way it was portrayed in this episode, he's more of a personal quarterbacks coach than he is head coach. Granted, this episode was specifically constructed to be about Murray, but I'm still curious about his grasp on the entire 53-man roster. I wouldn't be surprised if the Cardinals' coaching situation is very much a two-headed monster, with Vance Joseph operating as more of a co-head coach than people realize.

I like D.J. Humphries. The more I learn about Humphries, who seems to just have a great heart, the more convinced I am that Kliff Kingsbury's the right coach for him. Kliff's never gonna be a yeller and screamer. In fact, I imagine the environment Bruce Arians created is the exact opposite of the one Humphries thrives in. I'm not saying Humphries is soft, and I get that Arians has a proven track record, but I just think different people have different management needs. Even Tom Brady is looking for a little belly rub right now (which Bill Belichick is incapable of giving him).

Here's your next offensive genius, folks. What I mean by that is, here's an attractive, young, Gruden-looking wide receiver's coached who's coached Aaron Rodgers, Kyler Murray, and has met Kliff Kingsbury, who in turn has met Sean McVay. The NFL LOVES guys like David Raih.

He's even got the right-down-the-middle hair part like Gruden! Get ready. Three years from now, this guy will be head coach of the Bears, promising to fix Mitch Trubisky, and you'll remember you read it hear first.

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