Let me introduce you to Phoenix's very own Dirtdog: Kole Calhoun

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim v Chicago Cubs

He started the Diamondbacks' first scoring avalanche of the season with an inside-the-park home run on Wednesday. He ended Thursday's game with a walk-off double. He's a man, but he's more than that. He's a #dirtdog.

He's Kole Calhoun, with a K.

The moment I saw Calhoun's facial hair, I just knew. Not quite an "anchor beard," not exactly a "soul patch," and certainly not a "circle beard." UFH, or Unidentified Facial Hair, is a hallmark of #dirtdogs.

Calhoun's resemblance to Trot Nixon - one of the best baseball names of all time, and the original #dirtdog - is striking. Kole, and Trot, could've just as easily grown up to be semi-pro wrestlers, or HVAC installers. They had a different destiny, though.

Trot's was to help the Boston Red Sox break "The Curse," and win their first World Series since 1918 in 2004, and then again in 2007. He earned his #dirtdog moniker for his linebacker intensity, bulldog aggression and, literally, being covered in dirt and tar from head to toe. It didn't matter that Nixon hit .274 for his career - when he came to the plate in a big spot, he may as well have batted 1.000.

Please take note of the protruding can of dip bulging out of Nixon's back pocket. That's what #dirtdogs do.

The minute I laid eyes on Calhoun, I knew he had potential to be for the D-backs what Nixon was for the Red Sox. From their UFH, to their mid-.200s batting average, their shared position of right field, the similarities were striking. What's more, Calhoun grew up rooting for the Rattlesnakes. Plus, when a #dirtdog sees a #dirtdog, a #dirtdog just knows.

It should be noted, the Red Sox entered the 2004 postseason as an AL Wildcard team, once again losing the AL East to the Yankees, as they had grown accustomed to for decades.

Sound familiar? OK, I won't go that far, yet.

I'll just enjoy the walk-off.

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