Tom Brady, Derek Jeter & Bill Gates Walk Into a Steak Joint...

Tom Brady, Derek Jeter & Bill Gates Walk Into a Steak Joint...

Clay Travis is reacting to a story brought to his attention during Wednesday's program while Outkick was discussing the huge news of the reports that Tom Brady has decided to join the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Danny G. reads a tweet from NFL RedZone host Scott Hanson, a source told Hanson that Tom Brady, Derek Jeter, Bill Gates and the owner of the Tampa Bay Lightning all had dinner on Sunday night at Bern's Steakhouse in Tampa.

Clay is fairly shocked at this news, it's the first time he has heard of it and he has questions. How can Tom Brady, Derek Jeter and Bill Gates all go out to dinner, in the middle of the "Brady Watch 2020" and it not get out into the public immediately?

These are three of the most famous, influential men in the United States, and they are all eating steaks in Tampa, yet nobody breaks this story? How did other people in the restaurant not break the story, or the waiter or waitresses that were serving them? It is a little mind-blowing that this story is just now getting out, as we learn about it from every true NFL fan's best friend, Scott Hanson.

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