Dayton Is Hurt the Most by March Madness Cancellation

Dayton Is Hurt the Most by March Madness Cancellation

Clay Travis feels for the Dayton men's basketball team. Today should have been the opening Thursday of the NCAA basketball tournament, and the Dayton Flyers would have been a sure-fire number one seed.

Dayton had an amazing year no matter how you slice it, but when you consider the history of Dayton's program, this year was incredibly special. Coach Anthony Grant, who was fired from Alabama in 2015, did an unbelievable job in making Dayton one of, if not the best basketball team in the country. Leading the way on the court was star player Obi Toppin, a finalist for the Naismith Award.

Clay argues that Dayton is the team that is affected by the cancellation of the NCAA tournament the most. How many more times will they ever be in a similar situation again? The Flyers were 29-2, with one of the best players in the country leading the way, and were a virtual lock to get a number one seed. Teams like Kansas, Kentucky, Duke and Michigan State have been in contention year after year, and those teams will continue to be back in contention for a championship next season. In all likelihood, Dayton won't be, and that's what makes this situation even more painful for them.

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