Charles Barkley: NBA Players Won't Play Hard in Playoffs Without Fans

Colin Cowherd: “If you were still playing in the league what would you think about a proposal to stop playing with fans for a while?”
Charles Barkley: “I think it’s impossible to play without fans. The crowd has a huge effect upon the game. There were times that I was tired and the crowd was going nuts, and I’ll get energy from anywhere. It also works the other way. There is nothing better than sticking it to a fan who is sitting right behind the bench who has been harassing you the whole game. That motivates you… When you’re talking about Game 7’s, playing at home is a huge advantage. Can you imagine playing a Game 7 with no one in the stands?? The players want to win but when you get tired or down, who is going to give you that extra jolt of energy to bring you back? It would be impossible to play sporting events without fans.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Basketball Hall of Famer and Turner Sports analyst Charles Barkley and Colin Cowherd discuss a potential proposal of the NBA to complete a postseason during the summer without the presence of fans amidst the spread of the diabolical coronavirus.

COVID-19 has put sports on the backburner indefinitely and it is uncertain when leagues like the NBA, NHL, and MLB will be back in action, most notably basketball and hockey, who could abandon the rest of their seasons altogether.

Check out the interview above as Charles just can’t imagine professional athletes partaking in actual games with zero fans in attendance, as Barkley doubts there will be legitimate competition in an empty arena.

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