Immaturity Ruined Careers of Cam Newton, Baker Mayfield, & Jameis Winston

Colin Cowherd: “We always have conversations about why is this guy getting a job and this guy isn’t. I think we pay attention to the wrong words. We pay attention to productivity and stats… But the word we should be paying attention to, and the common thread of who is getting a job is ‘MATURITY’. Tom Brady, Teddy Bridgewater, Nick Foles, and Marcus Mariota are getting a job and Cam and Jameis Winston didn’t. I’ve worked with immature coworkers, the company is fine, but you can’t have immature CEOs… You guys keep getting caught up with stats. There is a reason Teddy Bridgewater – small, not overly athletic, and limited arm – has multiple offers every time he’s on the market. It’s the maturity word. If Baker Mayfield struggles this year Cleveland will bail on him as a franchise. If Sam Darnold struggles this year they will fire the coach.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd discuss NFL agency and the disillusioned interest in productive quarterbacks Cam Newton and Jameis Winston, as the two former NFC South rivals struggle to find landing spots in a game of quarterback musical chairs that is nearing its end.

Check out the video above as Colin details why the quarterback position sometimes has a lot more to do with ‘MATURITY’ than ‘STATS’ and says there is a reason why limited talents like Teddy Bridgewater and Nick Foles can find jobs, and two superior talents like Cam and Jameis can’t.

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