Why This Season is LeBron's Last Chance to Win Another Championship

Colin Cowherd: “It feels like this could be the last year that LeBron is the favorite and he goes out and wins, or am I being too hyperbolic here?”

Ric Bucher: “I don’t know why you’re equivocating, why are you half-stepping on this?? Without question. They’ve pushed all their chips to the middle of the table. This is the last gasp, let’s get all of the old guard together, let’s get a bunch of guys who have not won a championship who are may be hungry for it and may be willing to sacrifice in order to get it down, and let’s see if this will ultimately work. But five guys over the age of 35 and I believe nine guys on the roster are over the age of 30, so we know which direction this team is going. They’ve basically spent all of their young assets and building blocks in order to take this one last shot. LeBron doesn’t need it to justify the move to LA but ultimately if we were going to say this was an unqualified success in coming to the Lakers, two sounds better than one without question, but just be forewarned, if they don’t get it [this year] they are falling off the cliff after this. They are old and expensive and that’s not a good thing to have with a guy who is 37 years old who you cannot replicate with another piece… This is the LAST best chance.”

Listen to Ric Bucher join The Herd to explain to Colin Cowherd why he thinks this upcoming season is LeBron James’ ‘last best chance’ to win one more championship with the Los Angeles Lakers.

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