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Nick Wright: The Real Reason the LeBron James-to-Mavericks Rumors Came Out

Photo: Kevork Djansezian

Nick Wright: “The initial story [Monday’s LeBron-to-Mavericks rumor], and it’s one of the most curious stories I’ve ever read— it had in there that the Mavs were considering trying to trade for LeBron last year when the Lakers were struggling. Which is fascinating because LeBron was literally ineligible to be traded last year. The CBA wouldn’t allow it because of when he signed his contract. They then added a line to the story that said ‘even though LeBron was ineligible.’ I didn’t understand that. Then it said ‘the easiest way for LeBron to get to Dallas was if he was bought out by the Lakers.' I don’t think Jeanie Buss and Rob Pelinka are the best executives in basketball, but I do think if they’re faced with the choice of ‘we could pay LeBron James $45 million to play basketball for us, or $40 million to NOT play basketball for us’, I think they’re going to choose Door 1. There is no way for LeBron to get to the Mavs this year, so why did this story come out? There’s two schools of thought here. One is: Kyrie is like ‘hey, I’m trying to bring you to me, can you try to bring me to you?’ And that’s where I was leaning initially. But I actually think it’s more about Kyrie trying to secure a long-term contract from the Mavericks by showing ‘GUYS, THIS IS HOW ALL-IN I AM, I WILL RECRUIT FOR YOU, AND MAYBE WE CAN'T BRING LEBRON NOW BUT IN A YEAR MAYBE WE COULD!' I think the Lakers are smart to not want to be in the Kyrie business. I think LeBron has a blind spot for him because seven years ago they won a title together and he likes the talent. I would not bring Kyrie to Los Angeles but a year from now is there a scenario where I could see LeBron surveying the landscape if Bronny is not one-and-done and he’s going to spend another year in school and is like ‘OK, I can pick my team’, that the Mavs could be on his list of options when he has said Luka is his favorite player to watch? Yeah, I think a year from now this is possible. I think right now, Kyrie is going to be a Mav and LeBron is going to be a Laker and that’s about the end of it.” (Full Segment Above)

Watch Nick Wright join Colin Cowherd on The Herd to discuss Monday’s mysterious news that Kyrie Irving is recruiting LeBron James to the Dallas Mavericks, as Nick finds it hard to believe that this is actually a realistic scenario.

Check out the segment above as Nick details the real reason why he thinks these bizarre reports surfaced.

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