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Colin Cowherd Calls Daniel Jones a 'Highly-Paid Average Quarterback'

Colin Cowherd: “Dallas felt like older, bigger kids walking into the backyard of younger and smaller kids, and picking fights and winning ALL of them. Daniel Jones is a highly-paid average quarterback with a really great offensive coach. Not a big fan of Daniel Jones but figured he would take another step forward—instead he took a giant step back. His best game last year was against Minnesota, the worst defense I saw all year, and was statistically really bad. He mostly beat up on bad teams. If you rush Daniel Jones, if you hit Daniel Jones, if you speed the tempo up with Daniel Jones, there is nothing Saquon Barkley and Brian Daboll can do. I don’t want to overreact, the Giants o-line is really young, it will get better, but Dallas’ defense is just too much. Daniel Jones can’t do anything. His last three games against the Cowboys he completes 56% of his throws and his passer rating is 61. If you go back to his last five or six games against the Eagles his numbers are similar. I thought he would take another step with Brian Daboll. He’s at home, Saquon is healthy—but that was embarrassing. Daniel Jones just doesn’t have enough talent and we’ve seen it in recent games against the Eagles or the Cowboys. He doesn’t have the talent—when you speed the game up and put pressure on him there is nothing he can do. This was a reality-check. Last three starts against a very fast and aggressive Cowboys defense with a great coordinator, Dan Quinn, he’s awful... in ALL of them, home or away. You can go back and look at the last four or five games against the Eagles, he’s completely and utterly overwhelmed. When you have to blame other people for your star quarterback or a quarterback you want to believe is a star, you get the Giants. Daniel Jones was not bailing them out of that game. Mahomes or Burrow may have lost that game but 40-0 is something.” (Full Segment Above) 

Watch Colin Cowherd explain the bitter truth of Daniel Jones’ standing as one of the league’s supposed rising stars, as Colin says New York’s brutal beating at the hands of Dallas on Sunday Night Football really pulled the curtain back on who Jones truly is as a quarterback.

Check out the segment above as Colin sums up Jones as simply a highly-paid ‘average’ quarterback with a really good offensive coach in Brian Daboll. 

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