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Colin Cowherd: Why I Like Jim Harbaugh Even More After His Suspension

Colin Cowherd: “I respect Jim Harbaugh, the CEO of Michigan football, MORE today than I did before all this ‘sign stealing.’ Think about this... They go on the road vs. a top 10 team, he’s not on the field, surrounded by controversy, and not even reliant on his first-round quarterback. They didn’t throw a pass in the second half and they win. When Ohio State lost to Georgia they blamed the refs and an injury to Marvin Harrison. Ohio State was reliant on officiating and a wide receiver to win a game on a neutral field. Harbaugh and Michigan go on the road, and aren’t even reliant on a first-round quarterback. Didn’t care about officials, Jim doesn’t have to be on the field, controversy swarming everywhere... You are officially a good boss if the company is as good when you’re NOT there. When you’re not reliant on everybody being healthy and getting every break from the officials. It’s further proof that college football is about recruiting 1., building a staff 2., and building a culture 3. A+, A+, A+ for Harbaugh. Lincoln Riley knows the X’s and O’s, he’s a great play-caller and play designer, but their defensive staff is weak, they’re completely and utterly reliant on their quarterback, his team lacks balance, and can’t land great defensive players out of high school. USC is the opposite of Michigan. Lincoln Riley HAS to be on the field, the quarterback HAS to be the center of the offense. You can have controversy surrounding the program, I won't even pass the ball in 2023, we can be on the road... IRRELEVANT, we will pound Penn State. THAT is a great boss. Doesn't have to be there, doesn't have to rely on a wide receiver staying healthy, can be on the road, not get every call, not use his first-round quarterback, controversy swarming everywhere, and all of it is irrelevant." (Full Segment Above) 

Watch Colin Cowherd explain why he’s even more impressed with Jim Harbaugh’s standing in college football following Michigan’s 24-15 road win over no. 10 Penn State in his absence. 

Check out the segment above as Colin describes Harbaugh’s role as the CEO of a flourishing company that can perpetually succeed even when roadblocks present themselves, adding that even with Harbaugh suspended the Wolverines can go into hostile Penn State and run the ball 32 consecutive times in route to a season-defining victory.

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