Why Jimmy Butler Has Played His Final Game With the Miami Heat

Why Jimmy Butler Has Played His Final Game With the Miami Heat
Jason Smith: “This is who Jimmy Butler is and why this is going to be his last game. THIS is who Jimmy Butler is. He wears on teams after a year or two. Just look back at his career – he had two years in Minnesota and look what happened to him? The team looked at him and some guys thought he was a leader, but the team couldn’t get him out fast enough. In Philadelphia what happened? He was there for a year, players loved him and wanted him to stay, but there wasn’t the love from the front office and the coaching staff. Now he goes to Miami and finally last year he found it. That was the right team at the right moment for his leadership. But now it’s different and there are problems in Miami, suddenly the talent isn’t what it is, players are getting older, and now when you have issues with your coaching staff are you really going to come back? Erik Spoelstra is going to win that battle ten days out of ten. With two years left on his deal he’s going to be wanted by a lot of teams as a short-term ‘fixer’. He will have no shortage of suitors but Miami is going to look at this and go ‘OK, we’ve gotten as far as we can get with Jimmy Butler.’ This is how his career has gone. It’s a rollercoaster and it’s gone in cycles. He’s great for a while and then at the end he disagrees with us too much and there’s a lot of tension. Butler will wind up getting traded this summer where a team like the Lakers and Clippers says they need his energy for a year or two.” (Full Audio Above)

Listen to Jason Smith explain why he thinks Jimmy Butler has played his final game in Miami, as Butler’s Heat team was eviscerated by the Milwaukee Bucks in four games during their Eastern Conference Playoffs first round series.

Check out the audio above as Smith details why a wild child like Butler can only stay in one place so long, as the All-NBA talent has been a cyclical hired gun for the past four years since leaving the Chicago Bulls after the 2016/2017 season.

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