Paul George Should Not Be Allowed on the Court Late in Games

Jason Smith: “After the game was over Gobert was asked about his game-saving block and he said ‘I kind of fake-helped and knew they were going to go to Morris so I just tried to contest it as best as I could.’ What does that tell you when the Defensive Player of the Year knows the top two guys on the team are not going to take this shot?… Clearly this is who Paul George has been. He had the chance to potentially take the game-winning shot in the last series against the Mavericks and instead he passed the ball to Terance Mann on the wing. Mann was afraid to shoot a layup, they don’t get a shot, and the Clippers lose. I don’t know if I would even put Paul George on the floor at the end of games anymore. I don’t even know if they would have just have him in the corner as a decoy. You’re not going to take the shot so we’re not going to pass you the ball." (Full Audio Below)

Listen to Jason Smith explain why he thinks the Clippers should start sitting Paul George in the final possessions of playoff games, as Tuesday night saw the Clippers lose Game 1 on the road in Utah after both George and Kawhi Leonard passed on game-tying three-pointers, only to have Marcus Morris get blocked by Rudy Gobert.

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Paul George Should Not Be Allowed on the Court Late in Games