What’s Next For Arizona State Basketball After Losing To Syracuse?

What’s next for the Arizona State Sun Devils?

ASU’s basketball season was roller coaster enthusiasts dream; incredible peaks followed by a decline so swift it caused fans to momentarily scream in terror.

After reaching a peak of #3 in the country, the last undefeated team in the country and being discussed on every national sports show in the country, Arizona State finished the season 8-12 and flamed out in a play in game loss to Syracuse.

So what’s next for Bobby Hurley and ASU?

Did the first two months of the season show what the Sun Devils are capable of? Or did the final two months of the season show the reality of ASU basketball?

Let’s start with Bobby Hurley, the best reason to believe ASU basketball is on the verge of a decades long anticipated turn around.

Hurley is a star, endeared himself to the fan base, created an exciting environment/playing style and ultimately became the face of a program that badly needed one.

On the other hand, Hurley never found a rotation that worked in Pac 12 play, saw key players like Tra Holder/Mickey Mitchell/Romello White and DeQuan Lake all play worse as season wore on, failed to adjust playing style to zone defenses and allowed his sideline demeanor to become a bigger and bigger story.

Hurley’s sideline demeanor started as a refreshing display of intensity for a program desperately needed a fighter’s mentality and quickly became a sideshow that potentially cost ASU on the court. Hurley was T’d up in a one point late season loss to Stanford and a win would’ve likely allowed ASU to avoid the play in game matchup versus the best zone team in the country in Syracuse.

Bobby Hurley is as unproven as a major college basketball coach as he is exciting for ASU basketball. This year served to both excite ASU fans about the future and give them pause about their ability to ever see that future become a reality.

I wouldn’t bet against Bobby Hurley but before ASU get’s anointed as the next big thing in the Pac 12, there are serious questions to answer, including with Bobby Hurley.

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