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3. New England Owner Bob Kraft - I guess it’s only natural to continue with something that ties in the New England Patriots:

After the Patriots owner Bob Kraft made two trips to Orchids of Asia Day Spa, where a half-hour “massage” costs $59, he was charged with soliciting a prostitute. What happened next was not what anyone expected. 2019 solicitation charges!

The basic background of the story is that on February 22th, the police chief of Jupiter, Florida announced that Kraft would face two misdemeanor charges for "soliciting another to commit prostitution", stemming from a human trafficking sweep. Investigators suspected the managers at the Orchids of Asia Day Spa, where Kraft was allegedly video recorded in sexual activity, were sex trafficking women, forcing the women to perform sex acts on clients.

Deputies had begun to monitor the day spas and were able to place hidden cameras inside the facility. They claim Kraft was caught on camera "receiving the alleged acts", according to the lead investigator.

Of course, a spokesperson for Kraft issued a statement to "categorically deny that Mr. Kraft engaged in any illegal activity." But three days later the state attorney announced that Kraft was among 25 people facing first-degree misdemeanor charges for soliciting prostitution at the Jupiter day spa.

Kraft’s attorney entered a not guilty plea AND hired a “dream team” legal team led by Alex Spiro. Spiro has represented artists like Mick Jagger, Jay-Z, as well as athletes such as Ben Gordon, DeMarcus Cousins, Matt Barnes, Charles Oakley, Aaron Hernandez, Julian Edelman, and J. R. Smith.

Sadly, Manuch and I were doing national radio at the time and were told we couldn't poke jokes at the story. This was what most talk show hosts dream of. On March 19, Kraft was arrested and offered a plea deal that would require 100 hours of community service, attending classes concerning the dangers of prostitution, and paying a $5,000 fine for each charge count.

Kraft did issue a statement apologizing the plea deal and on March 26, Kraft's lawyers submitted a court filing, in which he "waives arraignment, pleads not guilty to all charges and requests a jury trial."

On April 2, papers filed by Kraft's attorneys revealed that the hidden video cameras at the day spa had been installed when investigators entered the facility under the guise of a bomb threat in January.

Kraft's legal team seeks the video recordings suppressed as evidence.

All parties went back and forth for a couple months until a judge further ruled that prosecutors cannot use the videos in their case against Kraft, as detectives "did not do enough to minimize the invasion of privacy of other customers."

On October 1, prosecutors submitted a formal appeal of that ruling to suppress video evidence.

For a guy who is worth somewhere around $6.6 Billion dollars, there is no reason to go to a massage parlor. He should have just gone to legal brothel in Nevada.

6. Colin Kaepernick – Kaepernick had his chance, but blew it! I could have wrote a 5,000 word story on this, but I am just tired of it and want him to go away. Sorry, I don't feel compelled to have to be PC on this particular Sports Turkey. He needs to write a book and go on a book tour to continue his message. He is doing some good, but it's just such a tired story to me.

9. Cardinal Ritter College Prep – This high school in St. Louis canceled the remainder of their football season and fired the entire coaching staff after it was revealed that a suspended player, running back Bill Jackson suited up in a different uniform and play a game! They were 7-0 at the time and considered one of the premier programs in the country. Crazy story - more here

10. Toronto Raptors Fans – Fans that cheered when Kevin Durant went down during the NBA Finals. Check out the video:

Honorable Mention

Charles Barkley – Charles being Charles – whatever! He told a politics reporter covering the 2020 presidential election, wrote: “Just FYI Charles Barkley told me tonight “I don’t hit women but if I did I would hit you,” and then when I objected to that he told me I “couldn’t take a joke.” She said she had asked Barkley off the record for clarification on which Democratic candidate he supported for president.

He did respond through Turner Sports PR: “My comment was inappropriate and unacceptable,” and “It was an attempted joke that wasn’t funny at all. There’s no excuse for it and I apologize.”

Former Cleveland Brown Jermaine Whitehead - After the Browns lost to the Broncos earlier this season, he was released because he tweeted at a Browns radio host after the host called his tackling a “joke.” He went as far as saying: “Come get it in blood b—h made ass lil boy. I’m out there with a broke hand.. don’t get smoked f–k ass cracker.” Then he went after a fan: “Imma kill you b—h.. that’s on blood.” and “80 Lou Groza Blvd Berea Ohio 44017 Any f–kin day of the week??? CRACKER.” Dumbass!

LaVar Ball – Yes is still around and back for 2019 Turkey’s of the Year. For some reason FS1’s Undisputed loves to bring him on. Hours before the NBA trade deadline, LaVar Ball spoke out about rumors involving his son possibly being dealt by the Los Angeles Lakers. Ball said his son Lonzo Ball is better than LeBron James.

His Big Baller Brand lost out on their main client, Lonzo Ball, after their co-founder allegedly stole over $1.5 million in sales from Ball.

Ball (Again)- He made headlines when he made a very insensitive comment to ESPN’s “First Take” Co-Host Molly Qerim. Look:

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