Why the Cardinals should trade for Quinnen Williams

New York Jets v Miami Dolphins

Dennis Gardeck is a great story. Hassan Reddick is a nice reclamation project. But, stories and projects don't run the NFL, thoroughbreds do. The Cardinals need more help on the defensive line.

"But Matt," you may be thinking, "The Cardinals have six sacks over their last two games!"

Yep, stories and projects helped terrorize a Jets offensive line giving up three sacks per game (3rd-worst in football) and a Cowboys offensive line missing its starting left tackle, center and right guard. Let's see how stories and projects do against Russell Wilson on Sunday Night Football.

I have a feeling Steve Keim's not going to like how that story unfolds.

Luckily, he'll still have time to make a move after Sunday night's wakeup call. The NFL's trade deadline is Tuesday, November 3rd at 1 p.m. PT. That's 4 p.m. ET, which is an important piece of information for Steve Keim to note.

That's because there's a fire sale happening in New York. According to Jets reporter Connor Hughes, the Jets couldn't turn down a second-round pick for Quinnen Williams. Are you kidding me? The same guy Steve Keim thought about taking number one overall in last year's draft? For a two?

There is almost no downside to this deal. I don't care that Quinnen Williams has just four-and-a-half sacks in 15 games started. The Jets are where careers go to die. Go ask Le'Veon Bell about it. Remember, Williams was considered one of the most sure things in the 2019 draft when the Jets took him third overall out of Alabama. It's not his fault he got stuck with crazy eyes and bountygate.

For the last two weeks, Steve Keim has spoken publicly about the trials and tribulations of making an in-season trade. He talked about how important it is to recognize that the NFL salary cap is likely to dip to $175 million next year, why draft capital is extra valuable this year, and why the amount of years, money, left on a player's deal are critical pieces of information.

Quinnen Williams checks all of those boxes. He has two years left on his rookie deal, so the Cardinals would pay him $3 million and $5 million in 2021 and 2022. He'd likely cost a second or third-round draft pick, a spot in the draft where Steve Keim has performed well, but an area also susceptible to Andy Isabella-type picks.

Not to mention, grabbing Quinnen Williams before the deadline signals to the Cardinals roster that upper management believes this year's team is good enough to take seriously. That's what the Ravens trading for Yannick Ngakoue signaled. It's what the Seahawks flirting with Antonio Brown spells. It's what the Chiefs signing Le'Veon Bell indicates. I've run out of synonyms.

I think the Seahawks will beat the Cardinals by a few scores over the weekend, with Russell Wilson dazzling. I think that should be enough of a wakeup call for Steve Keim to give Joe Douglas a call.

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