Commissioner Silver Addresses Sarver Investigation in "Last Stage"

Las Vegas, Nevada - NBA Commissioner Adam Silver spoke at length on a variety of topics with the NBA Board of Governors on Tuesday including the status of the investigation regarding Suns team owner - Robert Sarver.

 “I’m not prepared to talk about what the conclusion might be, only to say that we are at the sort of last stage of the investigation,” Silver said during a press conference.

This is stemming from the ESPN article that was published in November of 2021 about Sarver creating a "toxic" workplace for his employees.

People can speculate, "sort of last stage of the investigation," many different ways.

Is there a possibility this takes several more days, weeks, months?

When asked why the Sarver investigation has taken close to a year, here was Silver's response:

"“I can only say that we are talking about almost an 18-year period that the ESPN article covered in terms of his ownership,” Silver said. “Hundreds of current and former employees that were involved over that period. And also ensuring that everyone’s confidentiality, if they asked for it, is met, and ensuring due process is provided to Mr. Sarver as well.”

Robert Sarver was in attendance along with the other Board of Governors yesterday in Las Vegas.

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