Championship Kachinas: Girls Association Sweeps CAN/AM Tournament

The Kachinas won Sunday.

And won.

And won.

And won some more.

It was a championship weekend for the four Elite AA Kachinas teams which competed in the CAN/AM Youth Challenge Cup in Austin, Texas, January 29-31. All four teams - 12U, 14U, 16U and 19U -- won their respective age groups.

Last fall, the Kachinas' President, Lyndsey Fry, said the girls' hockey association finally had its own rink -- and a place to hang its banners.

The Kachinas moved into the Coyotes Community Ice Center in October. Soon, they'll be hanging some banners. All of them earned in a single day.

Fry is basking in the moment.

"We're extremely excited," she said. "Just so proud. We're proud of all the work these kids put in to be able to get to this, all of our coaches. I'm just proud of the association as a whole. To be able to come out and sweep these teams that have been in existence, in some cases a decade, in more traditional hockey states. To come out in our second year and send a message like that, I think it is so significant for girls' hockey in Arizona."