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Report: Miller Discussed Payment to Player

In a stunning report released by ESPN, Arizona basketball coach Sean Miller is accused of arranging a 100k payment to secure the commitment of all-world center DeAndre Ayton. 

So now that the other shoe has dropped on Sean Miller and the University of Arizona, whats next? 

1) Figure out who knew what and when - In the time between the initial FBI arrests and when University of Arizona president and AD released their statement of support of Sean Miller, what did Miller disclose to them? Were they aware of any of these allegations and still chose to issue their support for Miller? Depending on the answer, Miller’s job may not be the only one this scandal swallows up. 

2) Suspend Sean Miller indefinitely - The process of repairing the integrity of Arizona basketball can’t wait until the end of the season. Even if Arizona somehow miraculously made a Final Four run it would be a hollow, joyless accomplishment that would only serve to invite more criticism and scrutiny of the program. If any of these allegations are true, and it’s hard to believe they are not, Sean Miller has coached his last game at Arizona period. The biggest question here is who takes over the rest of the season? Lorenzo Romar coached Markelle Fultz last year and Fultz was named in one of the reports as a player who also accepted money from the same individual who Miller discussed the Ayton payment. It’s also hard to believe the entire coaching staff wasn’t involved in this level of wrongdoing. 

3) Suspend DeAndre Ayton for remainder of season - He’s already proven his worth as an NBA prospect. Of all the parties directly involved, he’s the least to blame. But Arizona cannot continue the charade of trotting him out on the court. 

4) Self impose a postseason ban for this season. 

5) Hope Steve Kerr becomes bored after winning another NBA championship and is willing to rebuild the Arizona basketball brand.

Here is the initial statement from Miller following the news of the FBI probe 

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