Plummer: I Applaud Nike For Not Using Pat's Legacy


How would American hero Pat Tillman react to people using him in an anti-Colin Kaepernick argument.  Tillman's friend and former teammate Jake Plummer joined Jody Oehler on The Drive and tried his best to answer how Tillman would react.   

"Those people using Pat as a defense against Kaepernick, I’ll say it bluntly as Pat would; shut the beep up."

Plummer believes Tillman would have been impressed by the former 49ers quarterback

"Pat would have loved that passion that Kaepernick has shown the world to stand up and fight half the people that believe that what he is doing is unpatriotic, which it has nothing to do with the military, or with veterans or with any of that.  It’s about people, it’s humans, it’s about the treatment of people of color, or people that look different   or are from other countries"

The Cardinals and Arizona State legend's name was brought up in response to Nike naming Colin Kaepernick to it 30th Just Do It anniversary team. 

"I applaud Nike for not taking Pat’s legacy and likeness and  image and trying to monetize it or (profit from) or use it to their  advantage, like, I guess all those people you said are speaking in terms  of Pat Tillman against Colin Kaepernick , today without really knowing  Pat or knowing what he stood for, or who he was."

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