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Tucker: The Cardinals Aren't That Far Away

Ex-NFL offensive lineman and current NFL analyst Ross Tucker tells Jody Oehler on The Drive that a lengthy rebuild for the Arizona Cardinals would waste the value of having quarterback Josh Rosen on a rookie contract.

“If you really do like the longer term view like the Raiders are doing.  In the Cardinals case, you lose the value of having the quarterback on a rookie contract.”

Tucker explains even further 

“If they really traded guys like Chandler Jones and Patrick Peterson and were looking at 2020, 2021 and beyond.   Right when they might turn the corner then you’d have to pay Josh Rosen, if he’s the guy worthy of turning the corner, 30-million dollars a year.”

The host of the Ross Tucker Football Podcast does not feel any of the 32 NFL teams are that far away at any given time.  Including the 1-and-6 Arizona Cardinals.

“No team is really that far away.  Every team is a lot of times one great draft class and couple of pretty good free agent additions from really having a chance, from really being in the mix.  And I feel the same way about the Arizona Cardinals”

Despite the Cardinals' struggles, the team has talent in the right positions to build around.

“They’ve got the franchise running back, they drafted the quarterback, they’ve got the cornerback, and they’ve got the edge rusher.  We’re talking about a bunch positions are the positions where people feel like you need to have difference makers, and they have difference makers.”

Tucker breaks down where the Cardinals need to improve to turn the corner.

“They need to get better up front on the O-line.  Rosen obviously will have to mature and get better with experience.  Kirk is going to have to become a stud on the outside.  They’re going have to get some guys on defense.   I don’t think they are as bad or as far away (as people think.)”

He believes the NFL changes so quickly a franchise can't dwell in the past too long or look to far forward into its future

“I don’t think in the NFL you should look any more than your current year or your following year.”

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