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Plummer - Josh Rosen Needs Reps

Former Arizona Cardinals starting quarterback Jake Plummer tells The Drive host Jody Oehler the team needs to give rookie signal-caller Josh Rosen the most experience they can during his first season.

"Don't take him off the field.  (The) kid needs to play, kid needs to get beat up.  He needs to prove to everybody that he's tough as hell.  (He) can take a hit and is going to keep doing the same thing that he's going to do when they're sitting at an opposite record."  

Jake "The Snake" says Rosen himself wouldn't want to leave his starting position either.

"I think if you ask Rosen the same question, he'd look at you like you were crazy."

LISTEN to the entire interview between Jody Oehler and Jake Plummer - Thanks to Red Bird Farms Chicken! 

Plummer believes there's still a lot of motivation left for the 3-10 Cardinals in 2018.  

"You're playing to find the heart and soul leaders for next year and beyond." 

The ASU legend also previews the upcoming Las Vegas Bowl between the Sun Devils and Fresno State as well as more on Josh Rosen.

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