Josh Rosen is Speaking Out

Arizona Cardinals quarterback Josh Rosen is speaking out about a ridiculous commercial from the NCAA depicting the day in the life of a student athlete.

Rosen joined numerous pro athletes criticizing the spot which is in heavy rotation during the NCAA Tournament.

The UCLA product has been outspoken on the college athletes and their amateur status for awhile. Rosen has tweeted and retweeted several times pointing out the hypocrisy of the NCAA.

Rosen has even proposed ways to improve the system for student athletes, which has been praised and criticized.

The NCAA clearly wanted to keep the romantic, charming idea of the student athlete alive with its ad, but failed with this fluffy piece. Rosen and his professional peers did a good job not allowing the propaganda to go unnoticed.

The Cardinals quarterback remains mum on speculation that he could be sent packing in place of Kyler Murray. College kid Josh is wrapping up classes next week at UCLA and barring any deals will rejoin his team for the beginning of offseason workouts in mid April.

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