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New Era Unveils The Arizona Cardinals 2019 NFL Draft Hat

NFL Draft night is magical.

The process of actually hearing your name called is a simple one.

Step One: Be good enough to be selected in the first round of the NFL Draft.

Step Two: Get invited to the NFL Draft.

Step Three: Wear a slick suit to the NFL Draft, preferably not a half shirt like Ezekiel Elliott.

Step Four: Have an NFL team hit your cell while you're on camera and tell you that you've selected.

Step Five: Hug loved ones and your agent.

Step Six: Put on a provided New Era hat of your new team.

Step Seven: Shake NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell's hand and bro hug him.

Step Eight: Take a picture with the embattled commish, it will likely be the last time you want to be pictured with him.

Step Nine: Make headline worthy comments to media.

Step 10: Become a monster on Sundays.

Pretty easy stuff. Especially 'Step Six' where you get a new lid from New Era. The premiere hat company rolled out its 2019 NFL Draft hats.

Pretty sure New Era nailed this hat that Kyler Murray may or may not wear draft night. The design is a tribute to Arizona's underrated state flag.

Make sure you join Jody Oehler and Donovan McNabb April 25th from CB Live at Desert Ridge Marketplace for the entire first round of the NFL Draft and see which draftee wears the Cardinals hat.

You can see all 32 New Era 2019 NFL Draft hats at Sports Illustrated.

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