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Monty Williams Hire is a Big Win for the Suns

Let’s get this out of the way first: Monty Williams did not buy the Suns.

So, at their core the Suns are still the Suns owned by Robert Sarver who’s greatest skill has been preventing the team from having any stability or success.

That being said, this is still really good news for Suns fans.

Monty Williams is universally respected not just because of the personal tragedy that he endured with the loss of his wife but more because he’s treated people the right way and earned the respect of the league.

Monty Williams also has a wealth of experience. He’s a former collegiate All American, 1st round draft pick who played 10 years in the league, an assistant coach, head coach and front office member.

He’s worked for the Spurs, Thunder, Hornets/Pelicans and the 76ers in a variety of roles.

Respect and experience are two things this Suns franchise desperately needs and Monty Williams provides more than they’ve had since the Mike D’Antoni years.

Is he the next Steve Kerr or Gregg Popovich? His career coaching record of 173-221 indicates he’s probably not but that’s really not the point of this hire.

The Suns need to crawl before they run and that starts with having capable leadership at the head coaching position who can help shape the careers of their young, promising players.

Prior to Monty Williams, the Suns had hired head coaches who had zero previous head coaching experience in each of their last 4 permanent hires.

Monty Williams reflects a team that has a plan. They hired Jeff Bower, who previously worked with Monty Williams and then aggressively and capably pursued Monty Williams as head coach.

I could be wrong but that feels like having a plan and executing the plan.

Now, the Suns have had plans before - lots of plans, in fact - but the problem for Robert Sarver has always been sticking with the right plan.

Will they this time? It remains to be seen but at least for now, this hire feels like one made by an actual NBA franchise and thats progress for the Suns.

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