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ESPN's Max Kellerman: Larry Fitzgerald "might" make Hall of Fame

First Take co-host Max Kellerman made one of the most ridiculous claims in First Take history and given the show's long running theme of making ridiculous claims just to argue with each other, thats saying something.

During a discussion about Dez Bryant of all people, Larry Fitzgerald's name was brought up and Max Kellerman had this to say:

The wild part is how Stephen A. Smith nods his head in agreement like Max Kellerman just said that water is wet.

Larry Fitzgerald is not only a sure fire Hall of Famer, he's easily a first ballot Hall of Famer and you could make the case that he's one of the 3-5 best WR's in NFL history.

He's amassed the following stats:

  • 2nd all time in WR receptions: 1,303
  • 2nd all time in receiving yards: 16,279
  • 6th all time in receiving TD's: 116

The only other WR in NFL history who is in the top 6 of all 3 of those categories is Jerry Rice who is #1 across the board. Not Marvin Harrison, Cris Carter, Terrell Owens, Randy Moss or any other WR. Just Rice and Fitz.

Oh and Fitz had to do it catching passes from 19 quarterbacks, the vast majority of which were well below average NFL QB's.

Saying Larry Fitzgerald "might" make the Hall of Fame with those numbers is like saying that First Take "might" be a dumb show.

For their part, the Arizona Cardinals social media team responded with this tweet:

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