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Suns Best Options at #6

The Suns Zion and Ja dreams were dashed and no one dreams of drafting #6.

But, the Suns will still have their fair share of options to get better for next season.

First, is it possible they could trade up to #2?

The Memphis Grizzlies currently own the pick. They have Mike Conley, who they shopped before the trade deadline and a clear long term need at PG. It doesn’t seem likely the Grizzlies would pass on the opportunity to draft RJ Barrett or Ja Morant.

But, that shouldn’t stop the Suns from trying. To entice the Grizzlies, they are going to have to start with next year’s unprotected 1st. It may take an additional future first and a player. I’d draw the line at Mikal Bridges, but if I were the Grizzlies with ALL the leverage I’d ask for Bridges and two unprotected 1’s. Would Josh Jackson and an unprotected 1st in 2020 and a lightly protected 1st in the future get it done? Maybe but trading down just doesn’t make much sense for the Grizzlies and rarely happens in the top 5.

Yes, I know Dallas moved from 5 to 3 last year by only giving up a protected 1 but that was a radically different draft landscape. The Suns are going to have to overwhelm the Grizzlies and that means taking a huge gamble.

I don’t think a trade is happening but I wouldn’t rule anything out with Robert Sarver.

Trading the pick for veteran? I don’t think the pick is valuable enough to land a difference making player for the Suns. Plus the Lakers are likely shopping the 4th overall pick for a veteran, especially if they fail to land Anthony Davis.

If they stick and pick, here are the players that make the most sense.

  1. Darius Garland - Compared to Damian Lillard, he’s a fantastic shooter with great range but questionable passing instincts. He played off the ball in high school and only played 4 games at Vanderbilt before missing the rest of the season due to injury. But, he’d at least give the Suns something they desperately needs and that’s more shooting.
  2. Jarrett Culver - He’s improved dramatically over his two seasons at Texas Tech. Not an explosive athlete but a savvy player with offensive upside and playmaking skills. He only shot 30% from 3 last year but is a more refined offensive player than his former teammate Zhaire Smith who briefly was a Sun last year before being shipped to the Sixers in the Mikal Bridges trade.
  3. Cam Reddish - If Garland and Culver go in the top 5, Reddish should be the Suns pick. He’s a home run swing. He shot the ball poorly at Duke last year from everywhere despite entering Duke with the reputation of being a pure shooter. He’s 6’8 with athleticism and potential. He’s a risk but taking a HR swing is what the middle of the lottery is all about and the Suns should do just that if the draft dominoes fall this way.

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