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What Happened to Patrick Peterson?

What happened to Patrick Peterson?

Cardinals fans have turned on him faster than Game of Thrones fans.

From a midseason trade demand to a cryptic social media post to a 6 game PED/masking agent suspension to an ill conceived public statement, Patrick Peterson has had a rough stretch and many Cardinals fans want to see him gone.

Should the Cardinals trade him? Absolutely not. The only thing dumber than trading Patrick Peterson is trading Patrick Peterson at the lowest trade value of his career.

Cardinals fans just need to understand Peterson a bit more. After 8 seasons (and 8 Pro Bowls) it seems he’s still a bit misunderstood.

Pat Peterson is a likable dude, he’s just high maintenance.

Cardinals fans aren’t used to high maintenance stars. From Aeneas Williams to Larry Centers to Jake Plummer to Calais Campbell to Adrian Wilson to Kurt Warner to Carson Palmer to Karlos Dansby to Anquan Boldin to the great Larry Fitzgerald, the Cardinals franchise’s best players have almost always been the ultimate team first players.

Peterson tried to fit that mold but the truth is, he wants more.

Which, to me, likely explains his PED and masking agent test.

I’m not buying the excuse he needed a pick me up from his type II Diabetes.

I think the same thing got to Peterson that gets to so many PED users: insecurity.

Some players are insecure about their ability to make it professionally. Others are insecure about being able to stay in the league. Others are insecure about their place in the league.

My guess is Peterson was insecure about his lack of star power nationally, despite being the best cornerback in the NFL the last few years, Peterson could probably walk down the street in any other NFL city and be unbothered. Compare that to say Richard Sherman, a great but inferior player to Peterson, and I think it bothers Peterson.

I think he’s probably insecure about his legacy. He’s gonna be 29 next season. Not many corners remain great well into their 30’s. Peterson deserves to be mentioned amongst the all time great CB’s but can’t even get consensus that he’s the best corner right now.

Even locally, Peterson is under-appreciated. Prior to the PED suspension, there were trade rumblings with some Cardinals fans and media members advocating for trading him for draft picks. You don’t trade a player like Peterson in the NFL. Ever. Just ask the Raiders and Khalil Mack.

None of this excuses what was an incredibly dumb and selfish move by Peterson and a sloppy job of explaining it.

The only thing left for Peterson is to come back and prove his greatness all over again and maybe this time people will actually see it.

Now that he’s famous and all.

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