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Roger Goodell's Best Trade

Roger Goodell is not a popular man.

Concussions, a still completely and thoroughly confusing off field disciplinary policy and a multitude of botched PR debacles have allowed the Commish to become the least popular leader in sports.

And he could change it all if he can actually follow through with one major, radical NFL change.

Hey, it worked for Bud Selig who oversaw the complete degradation of competitive and statistical integrity from MLB but gave us the Wild Card.

The NFL needs to cut back the preseason, add 2 additional regular season games and tweak the roster rules to make it all the more strategic for teams.

And it sounds like ole' Rog is positioning himself and the league to do just that.

Here's the plan that if it comes true could change everything for the most booed Commissioner alive:

1) Cut the preseason in half to 2 games

2) Add 2 additional regular season games per team

3) Add an additional bye week per team so that each NFL team has 2 bye's

4) Change the roster rules only allowing players to participate in a maximum of 16 regular season games with an exception for QB's.

Overnight the NFL would give fans more of what they want, less of what they don't want and continue to add layers of strategy for NFL Head Coaches and GM's.

It would need to be collectively bargained and NFL players know how much this would mean to the league so a trade would have to be made.

How about getting rid of the NFL's ban on marijuana?

And getting rid of the franchise tag.

Would you make that trade of 2 extra regular season games for weed and franchise tags?

I would and it would all lead to more money, more attention and more of everything for everyone.

Hey Rog, don't screw it up.

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