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How is Sean Miller Doing This?

Sean Miller is pulling off his greatest accomplishment yet as head coach at Arizona.

After more than a year of allegations ranging from speculative to unsubstantiated to others that were plausible and directly damaging, Sean Miller is actually performing better as a recruiter than he was before the FBI scandal.

Today, he landed a former 5 star McDonald's All American forward in Jordan Brown who will transfer from Nevada.

Previously, he landed a highly sought after transfer from Kentucky.

He has by some recruiting services the #1 recruiting class in the country that has up to three 5 star players and four players out of the top 100 overall.

He's landing one and done, surefire NBA prospects and players that will have to be around for a few years.

How is he doing it?

Is he like a recruiting superhero who absorbs bad publicity and turns it into recruiting gold?

Obviously some have speculated its the continuation of a dirty system that has implicated Arizona since last February and culminated with Book Richardson being sentenced to 3 months in prison.

But at a time where seemingly every single detail of Arizona's basketball program's practices are under an intense internal and external microscope, I highly doubt Miller is doubling down on any alleged ( and by the way, never proven) bad behavior.

Not even Tony Soprano would have that kind of brass.

Has the last year made Miller more human to recruits and their families? Has it made Miller more directly honest? After losing his top recruiters on staff over the last two years in Book Richardson and Mark Phelps, its Miller's direct involvement enough to seal the deal? Is he working 23 hours a day? Is Sean Miller a cyborg?

I have no idea. Its strange. Its impressive. Its head scratching. Its triumphant. Its redeeming. Its damning. All at the same time.

But if the NCAA hammers Arizona with sanctions, it might not matter and that may prove to be one villain Sean Miller can't beat with his superpowers.

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