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Should the Cardinals Trade for Jalen Ramsey?

With news breaking late Monday night about Jalen Ramsey's reported trade demand and the NFL having gone nearly full NBA in its player movement pattern, wouldn't it be fun if the Cardinals made a big splash?

You know how in your fantasy football league when a bunch of trades go down, you start getting an itchy trade finger to join in?

That's basically where I'm at with the mega NFL trades that so far haven't included the Cardinals.

Here's a trade proposal that I don't think has much chance of actually happening but by the end of this article, I think you'll be convinced that it should.

Jacksonville trades Jalen Ramsey to the Arizona Cardinals for Patrick Peterson and a 5th round pick.

Why the Cardinals Should Make the Trade:

Jalen Ramsey is four years younger than P2, putting him more in sync with the trajectory of the current Cardinals roster. He'd be the foundational defensive building block the Cardinals could build long term around to compliment Kyler Murray on the offensive side. Along with Byron Murphy, who has impressed early in his NFL career, the Cardinals could have a dynamic pair of long term corners to compete directly against Sean McVay's Rams within the division.

Additionally, Ramsey is really, really good. He really is a young, more physical Patrick Peterson. He'd allow the team to extend their run of having the league's best cover corner beyond P2's Cardinals career.

Its a bitter pill to swallow to trade Patrick Peterson but after his trade demand last fall and his subsequent 6 game suspension for violating the NFL's PED policy and taking a masking agent, Peterson has forfeited his right to being above the business side of the NFL.

Why the Cardinals Won't Make the Trade:

Because Ramsey isn't a player released by another team, seemingly the only kind of player Steve Keim is willing to be aggressive in acquiring.

Also, because of the cost - both in trade capital and a new contract.

Peterson is worth one first but if the Jags really want two 1's, they'd likely ask for more than just a 5th rounder along with Peterson. That's cost prohibitive for a team like the Cardinals who have never really shown the gumption to make big, bold moves.

You also have to factor into the equation the cost of a new contract. Xavien Howard recently reset the CB market when he signed his new deal at 26. Per Pro Football Talk, Howard received $46 million guaranteed while earning an average of $15 million per season.

A new deal for Ramsey would be larger than that and possibly significantly so, considering the leverage Ramsey would have after any trade.

The Cardinals have improved their spending ways over the years but would likely balk at giving a player that kind of money who doesn't have any real equity built into the franchise.

On the other hand, Peterson is likely to ask for a similar contract this offseason and is four years older so...

Why Jacksonville Should Make the Deal:

Tom Coughlin wants to win now. Time is literally running out for him. The Jags window accelerated when they acquired Nick Foles, who is now injured, but this team is still built to win now. With a staggering amount of money already invested in the defense, the Jags can ill afford to simply trade Ramsey for picks and expect to still be a viable playoff team over the next year or two.

The Cardinals could take advantage of this potential urgency by offering Peterson who after he returns from his suspension in Week 7, around the same times as Foles returns, would allow Jacksonville the chance to pick up right where they left off defensively with a motivated veteran in P2.

Having Calais Campbell already on the roster would also ensure a smooth transition as Peterson makes the move to one of the less desirable NFL franchises.

Why Jacksonville Won't Make the Deal:

They just want picks.

Or they don't really want to deal him in hopes he'll change his mind.

Maybe they try to keep the band together for this season and try and make financial amends to Ramsey in the offseason.

Maybe they believe Patrick Peterson at age 29 is too big of a risk coming off a PED suspension.

Maybe they know their ship is already sunk and starting fresh with a bounty of picks is the right call.

Its a long shot but maybe, just maybe, these two teams will realize this blockbuster is actually mutually beneficial and the right decision for both sides.

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