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Sean Miller Like You've Never Heard Him Before

Getting Sean Miller to sit down for an interview is no easy task. Johnjay Van Es of the Johnjay and Rich show pulled off the impossible recently when he had the chance to sit down with Sean one on one for over and hour.

After a decade of having Miller occupy one of the most visible sports positions in the state and one of the most prestigious college coaching jobs in the country, you'd think we'd know everything about Miller by now.

During the podcast, I learned a ton of new things about Sean. His best coaching friends, his current status as a player, his thoughts on off court habits in recruiting and even his favorite TV shows and where he goes to get away from it all.

Also, from a basketball perspective, he elaborated on this thoughts on the one and done rule in a way that made a very compelling case for sweeping rules changes in the NCAA and NBA.

Here's an excerpt from that conversation.

Johnjay:“Yeah, because aren’t they getting rid of that one-and-done thing?”
Miller:“Eventually. If you think about, again, back to the world, if you’re a great pianist, you’re allowed to leave wherever you want to leave and pursue your dreams. As a high school basketball player, if you’d like to enter the NBA, you can do so. The problem is, there’s so many young people that will enter, especially at the beginning, that it probably won’t be healthy for them, but it certainly won’t be healthy for their pro game, but in time, when a lot of those that do that fail, I think it will come back to, well it’s ok to go to college for a couple years and grow and develop. And then if I’m gifted enough, or have the opportunity, I’ll be more ready to be successful when I leave and play in the NBA.”

Again, I highly recommend the entire listen if you are an Arizona fan, a parent of a kid pursuing a basketball future or someone who just enjoys a good sports podcast. Johnjay is pretty upfront about his lack of knowledge in the world of sports and it leads to some really entertaining moments.

Johnjay also joined me on The Drive to talk more about his sports background and what he was struck by most with Sean.

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