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How the Cardinals Can Win Tonight

You ever hear the stories from people who were swimming in the ocean when a freaking shark attacks them? The way they fended off a shark and survived instead of being eaten alive is they punch the shark in the snout.

Tonight, if the Cardinals have any chance of holding off a pack of sharks known as the 49ers defense, they’ve gotta come out and punch them in the snout.

It will mean making some decisions that the Cardinals aren’t used to making.

Win the toss? Take the ball and throw your biggest punch. Forget about deferring, tonight deferring is just another word for losing.

Its Halloween and its time for Kyler Murray to play dress up.

I want to see Kyler Murray dressed as Oklahoma Kyler Murray for just tonight.

Its to be celebrated that Murray hasn’t turned the ball over in four games and has led this Cardinals offense to commit the fewest turnovers in the entire NFL but tonight, I want to see Kyler play with some reckless abandon.

Force some balls downfield. Take off and run in situations you’d otherwise throw it away. His decision making has been top notch but now I want to see beer goggles Kyler Murray.

This is a 49ers defense that ranks 1st in yards allowed per game, 1st in passing yards allowed per game, 11th in rushing yards per game and 2nd in points allowed per game.

Whatever you do, avoid a similar fate that the Cardinals suffered last year on TNF. The Broncos destroyed the Cardinals and it set into action a series of events that couldn’t be undone.

You aren’t winning this game unless the 49ers decide to swim away. But if you can take advantage of a rare national primetime TV appearance and make a positive impression, thats something.

You aren’t accomplishing any of that by conservative play. 

Take some chances and even in a loss, the Cardinals could be winners.

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