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MadBum Is Perfect For Dbacks

The Diamondbacks offseason finally got interesting.

Truth be told, I was ready to write a blog a week or two ago about the Diamondbacks making a run at Madison Bumgarner and talked about it on the air but hadn't fully prepared my mathematical thesis on Bumgarner's analytics and thus, didn't write the post.

My thesis remains incomplete.

I'm not taking a deep dive into MadBum's spin rate, ERA+, BABIP or park adjusted ERA. I probably should but I've got two kids under the age of 3 and a few more episodes of The Watchmen to catch up on.

But I still know he'd be a great fit for the Dbacks.

At age 30, there is real concern that Bumgarner's stuff is diminishing and the wear and tear of some incredibly successful postseason runs makes his left arm age calculable in dog years.

He's still a great fit.

MadBum's K/9, WHIP and total K's were all in line with career norms for him and would've ranked second on the Dbacks pitching staff in all three categories.

Some are concerned after unloading Greinke's deal, the Diamondbacks would be making the same mistake twice. This isn't Greinke part II. It would likely be for a deal half the total value for a three time World Series Champion and World Series MVP at age 30. And the Diamondbacks payroll commitments beyond 2020 are miniscule.

If Zack Wheeler is worth $126 million, Madison Bumgarner would be a steal at a comparable price, no matter the difference in spin rates.

He's a notorious red-ass who brings a tone setting mentality to the young pitching staff and championship pedigree to the organization.

Here's the other thing that makes this signing a great idea for the Dbacks: In an MLB era where stashing platoon players on reasonable contracts and signing decent inning eating SP's is a winning formula, the Dbacks still play in a market where star power matters.

Signing Stephen Vogt, Junior Guerra and pursuing Shogo Akiyama and Matt Joyce may make all the baseball sense in the world but it does nothing to generate some excitement around the team. That matters in Phoenix and always will.

We know Mike Hazen isn't interested in rebuilding long term or preparing to compete two years from now.

He wants to win now AND make smart decisions.

Signing Madison Bumgarner to a nine figure contract checks both of those boxes.

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