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Kyler Murray is The One

There is a lot to be decided over the final two weeks of the 2019 season for the Arizona Cardinals.

At 4-9-1, they could lose out and end up drafting in the top 10 of the 2020 Draft and cast serious doubts about their future under Steve Keim.

They could split and finish the season right around where Vegas expected them to with 5 wins.

Or they could win out and ignite a firestorm of off season stories projecting them as the sleeper team of 2020 and in the meantime move down in the draft to outside the Top 10.

But we know one thing for sure already about the 2019 Arizona Cardinals and beyond:

Kyler Murray is The One.

His performance over the Browns was the confirmation for me.

With his level of natural talent, Kyler Murray is used to working hard, showing up and winning. Work hard, show up, win. Rinse and repeat in his athletic life. But that wasn't the case this year in the NFL.

He has worked hard. He as shown up. And he has lost. A lot. And it wasn't his fault specifically more often than not. Instead of getting frustrated with his teammates on offense who don't possess his level of skill or turtle shelling into his hoodie and Instagram account, Kyler took it upon himself to DO MORE and lead his team to a win. In the meantime, he prevented a 9 game skid and reminded the NFL world of his incredible potential.

This year, Kyler Murray is the ONLY QB in the NFL who has thrown for more than 3,000 yards AND rush for more than 500 yards. That's one of the few statistical feats that Lamar Jackson hasn't surpassed. Yet.

He has taken what was a season drowning in failure again and turned it into the most successful season ever for the Cardinals organization.

We don't know how good Kyler is going to be but we do know that he's going to be good.

Like Neo in The Matrix, Kyler could be doing some slow motion karate this weekend in Seattle stopping speeding defenders with his superhuman-like skill set and leaving everyone watching the birth of a franchise savior.

So while the final stretch of the season may feel very daunting for the Cardinals and the off season riddled with anxiety given Steve Keim's track record, rest easy Cardinals fans:

Kyler Murray is The One.

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