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Joe Burrow Is No Kyler Murray

Joe Burrow is awesome. He just finished what is very likely the greatest college football season by any player in the history of college football.

He beat seven top 10 teams, made SEC defenses look like the Pac 12, set a record for most touchdown passes in a single season and in the process didn't reveal any real weaknesses.

The only debate left about Joe Burrow is who his celebrity lookalike is between Macauly Caulkin, Jim Breuer or Robert Pattinson.

This isn't a hot take takedown of America's QB, Joe Burrow.

This is a message for America about Kyler Murray.

I've watched the last 15 months as 11 different QB's became the next big thing, at some point, for the NFL:

Patrick Mahomes, Deshaun Watson, Baker Mayfield, Jared Goff, Dak Prescott, Sam Darnold, Josh Allen, Lamar Jackson, Daniel Jones, Gardner Minshew and now Joe Burrow.

Some of those QB's have absolutely been more productive and better on the field than Kyler Murray. Others have not.

All of them have received more hype, more attention and more relevancy than Murray.

This despite the fact that Murray had one of the best rookie years statistically for any rookie QB ever. He showed uncanny ball security in his first season and occasionally dazzled with his athleticism and accuracy.

For most #1 overall picks in sports the following formula is true: #1 overall pick + successful rookie season = lots of national attention.

Not for Murray.

Most national football media members are still scared to go all in on Kyler Murray.

His size, his home city and his personality are all reasons why Murray hasn't been openly embraced as football's next big thing at QB.

Declaring Joe Burrow is going to be the best NFL QB in five years would be met with less resistance than saying Kyler Murray is going to be the best NFL QB in five years.

But he very well could be. Kyler is that good and that capable heading into his second season.

If its a choice between Burrow and Kyler, I'm taking Kyler because I think he's a slightly bigger problem for defenses than a very impressive Joe Burrow.

Kyler Murray deserves more attention for his rookie performance and deserves to be mentioned in any conversation for brightest QB future in the game.

And if Joe Burrow is ever going to get to the top of quarterback mountain, he's probably going to have to get past Kyler Murray first.

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